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East End School Educators Honored for “Rise and Shine” Leadership

The Portland Board of Public Education and Interim Superintendent Jeanne Crocker recently recognized two East End Community School educators for their leadership, innovation, and ongoing support for the school’s extended learning programming, Rise and Shine.

The recognition of Marge Queen, physical education teacher, and Dan Nogar, Dean of Students and music teacher, took place at the board’s Feb. 23 meeting.

Crocker read a statement regarding their accomplishments:

Marge and Dan have been instrumental in the development and coordination of making Rise and Shine the signature program for EECS and were involved in every aspect of this vision becoming a reality.

They design and coordinate over 240 classes each year, arriving early each morning to set up for daily sessions and to provide oversight for early morning student arrival. They work with students individually to help them select classes that reflect their interest, talents, and potential areas

for new growth.

The community partnerships they have developed include the Maine Red Claws, the Portland Fire Department, the Yes! Basketball program, and the St. Lawrence Art Center, among others.

They also help build parent engagement by increasing the number of parent volunteers who are sharing their talents through leading classes. They ensure that students are able to access Rise and Shine during the summer through the Reach for the Stars scholarship program, which connects students with emerging talents.

Additionally, they assist in fundraising efforts for more than 10 camp scholarships and make sure kids are able to participate in those camps by finding transport, arranging for lunches and making sure students have what they need.

Marge’s and Dan’s commitment to building positive relationships and for creating opportunities that increase student engagement and a sense of belonging for ALL students along with their advocacy in building community and parent partnerships have strengthened and enhanced the East End school community.

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