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Dean of Students is a role created at EECS that has

grown out of some core beliefs:

The belief that student engagement, student voice, student choice matter.

So much so that there needs to be a role in the school that keeps engagement and relationship building an active part of the conversation and culture. 

The belief that innovation matters.

The role of Dean is innovative, as it is tied directly to Rise and Shine in relation to student voice and choice. The Dean of Students is committed to change and is always trying new things to better engage students. The role of Dean is also dedicated to championing for students by being the person who can listen and respond by designing opportunities and coordinating resources. Sometimes these ideas are the direct result of conversations with students. These opportunities often bring together community partners, families and volunteers. 

The role of the Dean of Student at EECS is divided into 3 different areas: 

Dean of Students 

Rise and Shine Coordinator

Music Teacher 

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